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  • We don't care how old you are 

  • We don't care if you think you aren't "athletic" 

  • We don't care if you think you have bad "genetics" 

  • We don't care if everyone doubts you 

  • We don't care what your body type is (our system works for everyone) 

  • We don't care if you are a 1-leg or 2-leg jumper (we can help either way!) 

  • We don't care if you tried other programs that said they'd "shock" your system and it failed BoingVERT is different. 

  • We have helped more people achieve the dunking dreams than any other program available! 

  • Our programs are made by the best in the field. 

  • We are a NO B.S. company - you email us, we will respond.




If you don't get the gains you want after completing the program, money back no questions asked*

    1. Disclaimer

    2. What is BoingVERT Hummingbird?

    3. About BoingVERT

    4. You are a Rare Species

    5. We are here to help

    6. Details and Equipment

    7. Making your own Dumbbells

    8. Common Questions

    9. More Program Details (Rep Chart)

    10. More On In-Season Training

    11. 3 Week Gear Up (If you are really out of shape, do this first)

    12. Your Body Type and Quick Facts about Great Jumpers

    13. Level Ups

    1. Disclaimer: Consult your physician!

    2. You have to be lean to fly

    3. Evolutionary Appropriate Eating

    4. What to expect the first few weeks

    5. How we know early humans ate meat

    6. Levels of Carnivore

    7. Some Carnivore Diet Videos to Explore

    8. How I stayed Motivated on the Diet

    9. Some Benefits I and others Experience on Carnivore

    10. Is this insane?

    11. What can I eat?

    12. Any downsides?

    13. Connection with Humanity

    14. On the Go

    15. Symptoms Go Away

    16. The Problem with Sugar

    17. Early Humans and Meat

    18. Energy and No Inflammation

    19. Why you are addicted to food

    20. Seasoning

    21. AI recommended supplements

    22. Grocery

    23. Eat Fat

    24. Grocery List

    25. BoingTINE

    26. Resources

    1. Pre-Test Form

    1. Set Your Nightmares

    2. Set Your Dreams

    1. Disclaimer and Wavier

    2. Time Estimate - Day 1 - 44 minutes

    3. Mindset - Day 1

    4. Warm-Up - Day 1

    5. Idiovert-Dyanmics - Day 1

    6. Cool-Down - Day 1

    7. BoingTINE

    8. Recovery: Night and Morning After - Day 1

    1. Time Estimate - Day 2 - 18 minutes

    2. Mindset - Day 2

    3. Warm-Up - Day 2

    4. Auxiliary Workout - Day 2

    5. Cool Down - Day 2

    6. Recovery: Night and Morning After - Breathwork

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  • 9 Week Program + Maintenance Program + Access to All Updates

  • Over 40 Totally Unique Exercises + Easy to Follow Format

  • Neuroscience Based Motivation Built into Program

  • Access to all updates, forever - no gimmicks or upsells

  • Bonus #1: The “Dunk Diet” + Supplement Advice Packet

  • Bonus #2: The BoingDESK Workout (Updated)

  • Bonus #3: BasketballBrain Membership + Mamba Protocols Program + Killer Instinct Program

  • Video answered FAQs + Constantly updated Video Library with vert research breakdowns



  • You will max out your potential (Average gains are 10.3 inches) 

  • You will increase your speed and quickness

  • You will see fast results, in a few weeks 

  • You will increase your hangtime 

  • You will blow your friends minds with your results 

  • Our maintenance will help you keep your grains

*If you follow the program  - that includes the diet. 


Established 2011 

99.3% Customer Approval Rating 

10.3 Inches Average Gains*

*Based on a survey of over 2,000 users


  • Do I need equipment?

    Dumbbells are recommended, but many users simply use a weighted backpack or some other homemade weights. You do not have to go heavy with these exercises.

  • How long does it take?

    9 weeks, and there is also a maintenance program. Some users like to go back and redo the program with more weight - we've seen even more gains when this happens.

  • Why do you recommend lightweights to start?

    These are positions that you jump from and do not use traditional form. Working your body in this orientation does not require a lot of weight in our experience.

  • Can I do this in-season?

    Yes, but your gains may not be as significant compared to doing it in the off-season for obvious reasons; namely, that you will be more fatigued.

  • Are diet and supplements important?

    Diet is vital, more than half the battle. Supplements as well like creatine have been shown repeatedly to improve vertical jump. You aren't really doing the program if you don't do the diet.

  • How did you come up with idiovert-dynamics?

    By watching athletes jump and experiments in the gym. It was obviouis that it would be better to train in the positions athletes normally jump from.

  • How old should I be/can I be?

    We recommend 15 as a minimum, and always consults a doctor before beginning any fitness program. We've also had users in their 40s and 50s do our programs (though none that age have tried Hummingbird).

  • How fast will I see gains?

    Most users sees gain in vert and quickness in the first 2 to 3 weeks.

  • Why is it called Hummingbird?

    For three reasons: 1) Hummingbirds are quick - at BoingVERT we have always focused on speed in the vertical jump. 2) Hummingbirds seem to float, we want you to hover in the air. 3) Hummingbirds are unique - just like our program.


Numbers up across the boards

Jordan R.

Another one: Hey guys! I'd e-mailed you previously letting you know my results so far on the BV program, and I just did my final testing today and the results were fantastic so I thought I'd share them with you. As someone who has previously trained their vertical a lot, I was really impressed with the changes I saw in this program. A few notes: the pretesting session was completed after I had been abroad for a month and wasn't able to jump or lift at all, so my jumps were a little lower then and some degree of muscle memory was expected, but it's clear the program still did wonders for my jumping ability. Before performing the final testing session, I took 4 days off, did a potentiation lift yesterday afternoon (I've seen this work well for myself in terms of peaking), and completed the final testing session today after a thorough warm-up and the ingestion of a stimulant (5-hour energy). Now that I've bored you... on to the results: Pause Vertical Jump- 27.25" to 34.5" (7.25" gain) CM Vertical Jump- 28" to 35.5" (7.5" gain) Broad Jump- 9'1" to 10'2" (13" gain) Right Leg Broad Jump- 7'5" to 7'8" (3" gain) Left Leg Broad Jump- 7'6" to 7'8.5" (2.5" gain) 1-step Approach Jump- 31.5" to 36.5" (5" gain) Full Approach Jump- 35" to 40" (5" gain) 18in Depth Jump- 28" to 34.75" (6.75" gain) As you'll see, my numbers prior to starting the program are by no means beginner level numbers (not to toot my own horn... just to show that this program is clearly effective for an intermediate level athlete). I'd be happy to elaborate more on my results and the program if you'd like to use this as a testimonial. Lastly, thank you so much for this program. I'm looking to increase most of these numbers by an inch after the next cycle.

Super fast results


Ive done air alert 2 in high school 2000 ive done jump manual, ive done fjt3, and by far this is my favorite program id give it 8 out of 10 and if I can get 6 inches it will be 10 out of 10. Ill definitely keep you guys posted, youll get a video the beginning of March.> On Dec 30, 2014 12:38 AM, "" wrote: >> >> I am on week 1 prephase I did the workout and my legs hurt for 5 days even with me taking recover 're-up. Now that I've done 4 legs and 3 core I feel stronger for sure, I love I can do the workout right in my garage. I love the video breakdowns I love how the program is broken down into phases and you explain the reasons why we're doing everything were doing. I wish I was almost done so I could send a dunking testimonial but in 3 months I for sure will so you can put me on your website, 6'1 33 years old I can't wait to fly.


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