In 2011 we created BoingVERT, because like you, we were athletes ourselves. We often invested in products that just didn't work. We know that at BoingVERT we aren't just selling you a jump program, we are selling you hope and dreams and domination. Every unit we sell, we know we are getting that athlete closer to living out his fantasy of being a superior athlete. There is nothing like having amazing physical prowess on the court or field. We are dedicated to finding the very best people to create our programs, and making sure they meet our standards. We know you are going to love us more as we continue to grow and expand to include a wide rage of products. We are the #1 selling explosiveness program worldwide, and our programs are now out in about 10 different languages - we are adding more each day. We live to make these products, and if you ever have any questions you can just contact us. Our customer service is top-notch. 


BoingVERT Team 

BoingVERT is a BoingLIFE company