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We will help you MAX OUT YOUR VERT: 

  • We don't care how tall you are
  • We don't care how old you are
  • We don't care if you think you aren't "athletic" 
  • We don't care if you think you have bad "genetics" 
  • We don't care if everyone doubts you 
  • We don't care what your body type is (our system works for everyone)
  • We don't care if you are a 1-leg or 2-leg jumper (we can help either way!) 
  • We don't care if you tried other programs that said they'd "shock" your system and it failed 

BoingVERT is different. We have helped more people achieve the dunking dreams than any other program available! Our programs are made by the best in the field. We are a NO B.S. company - you email us, we will respond.


  • No weights necessary 
  • 8 Weeks Long 
  • Extremely easy to follow layout 2 
  • Extremely Cutting Edge Diet Options 
  • Hundreds of Videos with in depth how to explanations 
  • Jumping Form Tactics for 1 and 2 Leg Jumpers 
  • Daily Motivation by Killer Instinct Sports
  • Muhc


All the amazing content you will receive when you buy BoingVERT BEAST

  • 8 week program, with exercise videos and day by day guidance

  • One time payment, life time access - no subscriptions!

  • Industry leading customer service - you email us we will get back to you!

  • 99.3% approval rating since 2010


When you buy BoingVERT, you will also receive these!

  • BoingMIND

    Get access to our program BoingMIND, this will help you get motivated. Made by the creator of Genius Competitor, Baskeball Brain, and Killer Instinct Sports.

  • BoingHINTS

    Get access to the secretes we have discovered over the last decade while researching vertical jumping. These hacks will help you jump even higher!

  • BoingBREATH

    Learn how to use your breath to recover faster and strengthen your entire cardiovascular system. This bonus has been a favorite of users for a long time!


    This is maintenance program you can use after you complete the full program. It will help you keep the inches you gain!


    The best diet we have found to increase your vertical! It is called the carnivore diet!

  • BoingFORM

    We have the most in-depth breakdown of jumping off of 1-leg and 2-legs!


The program is made to accomplish a few things: 

1) Increase the speed with which you leave the ground 

2) Increase the speed with which you transition from horizontal to vertical

3) Mutate the power and speed of your penultimate step 

4) Increase your force loads, which makes you more have more “boing” or springiness 

5) Increase the strength of your glutes and hamstrings (and often overlooked area of vertical jumping) 

6) Make you lean and ripped and extremely energetic with our "Best Dunking Diet Ever" plus great suggestions for supplements 

7) Make sure you stay motivated through the entire process with our amazing mental training each day



Yeah I did do the program that’s why I showed ya to show you that it really works I would appreciate the shout out 🙌🏿 and thanks bro

Hussein D.

:after searching and trying EVERY jump program (literally), I finally found the one that actually sticks to their word and promises a 12+ inch gain because that is exactly what I got! I went from a 28-40 running vert in about a few months, I followed the program day by day and started flying literally after 2 weeks. Overall, BoingVert is the best program out there! PERIOD.

Josh C.

I touched the top of the backboard last week, and I never thought I'd be able to! Amazing!

Follow along step by step easily

It's never been easier to follow a program, everything is laid out in a simple day by day workout. Day 1 through Day 56.

And if you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]

What else is unique?

Focus on "dropping"
  • This is ironic, that a major way to increase your vert is to "fall" more. To land on your toes and learn to absorb that force. This makes your hold body springy 

Restricted blood flow exercises
  • We have been experimenting with this and it seems to help increase vert.

  • We have created a supplement that will help increase your vert called BoingTINE. (It helps by helping you recover between workouts.)

Daily Mindset Training by Killer Instinct Sports
  • Why? Because 87% of people who buy jump programs do not finish the programs.

Data collection from users
  • We created surveys for users to fill out to input their data, so we can monitor gains

  • Our programs are not "static" - we constantly update them as new research comes in

Sourced Explanations
  • We also provide links to relevant research as you go through the program.
Upper Body Add-On
  • An upper body program made just for jumping higher!

Lower Leg/Feet Attention
  • More power and spring comes from out toes and the muscles in our feet. We have dedicated days to the lower leg/foot areas. It also helps prevent injury.

Varied Sets and Reps to Help with Focus
  • We have "weird" set and rep and rest counts. We have found that this helps you focus better, you have to pay attention during the workout.

Varied Warm-Ups and Cool Downs
  • We have a few different warm-ups to keep you entertained as you get ready to workout

Weight Vest Options
  • We also suggest various weight vest options
In Depth Jumping Form Notes 
  • We provide jumping form notes for 1 and 2 leg jumping 

Barefoot Options
  • We suggest doing some exercises barefoot as you train. We've been doing this for years, it's another secret that can help you jump higher.

Motivation between Sets during Rest Times
  • Each exercise has a motivation quote for you to think about while you rest. Try to use that time to visualize your dunking as well!

"No Thinking" Training
  • What we mean by this, is if you just follow along, everything is easily laid out for you. Just get into the program and do it!

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